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Double-Rad Dad: Tim of McNelly Custom Pickups

I recently had a great late-night chat with Tim McNelly, a new dad and impeccable craftsman from Ontario, Canada. Tim makes solid pickups, which are really worth checking out. I can’t say enough about the McNelly split coils that I recently installed into my Jazz bass. Cordtangler: Let’s start with how you got into building pickups. […]

Paul Leary Is No Artificial Satellite

Paul Leary is best known as a founding member and guitarist for the Butthole Surfers. He’s also had an impressive career as a producer for bands like Sublime, Meat Puppets, Daniel Johnston, and Bad Livers, to name a few. Recently, he contributed to Melvins’ release “Hold It In” with his band mate Jeff Pinkus. Although […]

Glenn Mercer

I recently had the honor of chatting with Glenn Mercer, probably best known as a member of legendary band The Feelies, about his recent solo record Incidental Hum. CT: I love your latest solo recording. How did the concept come together? Did you travel to all of the places your new songs are based on? Kodiak? […]

Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar

Mike Adams is one of the two Mikes who co-own Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar, a cool Seattle-based music boutique. I was excited to finally get the chance to chat with him about under-appreciated guitars, seeing ghosts, and Johnny B. Goode (as played by Michael J. Fox) in Back To The Future. Cordtangler: Tell me about your […]

Robert Malta of HUGElarge

At long last, I’m happy to share an interview with Robert from HUGElarge. I had a great time spending most of the day in the band’s studio up in Santa Rosa, CA. I can’t say enough good things about their recently released self-titled album. CORDTANGLER: Tell me about your background. Robert: First there were the surf […]


I’ve recently become addicted to HUGElarge. Their first release just came out last week and I can’t stop listening to it. Coming soon, I have an interview with singer/guitar player Robert Malta, but for now, buy this!  

ADAM GRIMM of Satellite Amplifiers

Recently, whenever I to ask another musician about their favorite gear, Satellite always seems to come up. I had a awesome time chatting with founder, and straight-talking great guy, Adam Grimm. CORDTANGLER: Let’s start with a bit of background. Tell me about the Hawaiian band you were in. Adam: I was raised in Los Angeles and I’m a California native […]


I recently caught-up with my old friend Jeff (J.D.) Pinkus, who’s best known as the bass player for both Honky and Butthole Surfers. In recent times, he’s also played on and off with Melvins, including their latest release Hold It In. One of my favorite memories with Jeff was when I stepped out of his […]